Panduan Ancient High Tech Password Box – Harvest Town

#Halaman ini merupakan bagian dari Walkthrough Harvest Town#

Saat menjelajahi Occult Cave, anda akan menemukan beberapa buah boks yang dikenal dengan sebutan Ancient High Tech. Untuk membuka boks tersebut, anda perlu memasukkan 4 digit password yang dapat ditemukan dari halaman Diary melalui monster yang anda lawan di dalam Occult Cave.

Setelah mendapatkan halaman diary dari lantai yang anda jelajahi, bukalah inventory dan gunakanlah diary tersebut untuk mendapatkan nomor halaman dan petunjuk password yang dibutuhkan agar bisa membuka boks Ancient High Tech.

Berikut daftar halaman diary beserta 4 digit password selengkapnya:

  • Diary Page 2 (Password: 1983)
    • Petunjuk: “I came here on a summer day because of the legend of Wish Tree. Though I have been searching for it for so many years, I still cannot find it. I remember that was 1983 that I came there.”
  • Diary Page 5 (Password: 3123)
    • Petunjuk: “I went down into the old cave again at 3 a.m., March 12, because I dreamed of a deep underground cavern beneath a rock and the Wish Tree is right there.”
  • Diary Page 8 (Password: 3612)
    • Petunjuk: “I have ever been on nautical explorations. Sailing through the hurricanes and storms shaped my tenacious character. I deeply know endurance, faith and persistence are the keys to success. I had those experiences 12 years ago, however, I am 36 now.”
  • Diary Page 15 (Password: 1738)
    • Petunjuk: “Today marks the 17th week of my life in Harvest Town and this is my 38th cave exploration for Wish Tree. I have no idea whether I could keep trying like this. Because you know that I found nothing up to now which makes me doubt whether the Wish Tree really exists.”
  • Diary Page 26 (Password: 3681)
    • Petunjuk: “Tonight I sat quietly beside the temple on the peak, observing stars. According to the locals, the changes of stars indicate the cycle of Wish Tree’s appearance. Now is, 36 years and 81 days after the last cycle, the mayor told me.”
  • Diary Page 28 (Password: 2957)
    • Petunjuk: “When I entered the 29th floor of the cave, I saw it by the first time, a monster jointed by stones, with hollow eyes emitting strange light. Fight, you will be the 57th monster that I kill!”
  • Diary Page 38 (Password: 1212)
    • Petunjuk: “Another rainy day, and it has been 12 days. There seems to be no sign of stopping and I even cannot leave the cave. I seem to have lost all memories about these 12 days. I’ve tried so hard to recall them but there is still nothing, only the heavy rain.”
  • Diary Page 42 (Password: 7671)
    • Petunjuk: “Now I’ve reached the 76th floor. I met more and more monsters with stronger power, yet more and more Gems and Antiquities. Today alone, I gained 7 Gems and 1 Antiquity. I haven’t even counted the Crystals!”
  • Diary Page 49 (Password: 1527)
    • Petunjuk: “I am very lucky today, having met only 15 weak monsters but gained a lot: 27 Crystals. So lucky!”
  • Diary Page 50 (Password: 4289)
    • Petunjuk: “It is late night now, and I’ve pitched a makeshift tent in the 42nd floor The Diglett Merchant here is very nice. I paid 89 Dark Essences for a bunch of food, which means I have enough supplies!”
  • Diary Page 61 (Password: 1478)
    • Petunjuk: “Does the Wish Tree really exist? It is my 14th day in the cave. I went down deeper and deeper and I saw 78 Corpses all the way. Presumably they were also exploring here!”
  • Diary Page 73 (Password: 5475)
    • Petunjuk: “The old smith is really mean. Yesterday I took 54 Crystals to him, he charged me 50 gold coins each Crystal and refused to give me a 25% discount. I was pissed off!”
  • Diary Page 84 (Password: 3711)
    • Petunjuk: “It is the 37th day, the Mine Elevator is really an amazing stuff, and it’s available each ten floors. I took the Elevator 11 times today so that I can carry the ores and gems from the deep mine.”
  • Diary Page 85 (Password: 4314)
    • Petunjuk: “It’s getting harder to fight against monsters. The 43 Food I brought today were used up. Shall I go home directly or keep fighting here?I have been stuck here for 14 days, so it’s better to keep moving!”
  • Diary Page 96 (Password: 9721)
    • Petunjuk: “Am I going to die? After being injured by 2 monsters on 97th floor yesterday, I escaped to the next floor finally. My eyes are gradually growing heavy. Alas, to be or not to be…”

#Halaman ini merupakan bagian dari Walkthrough Harvest Town#