Mugen Soul Z Siap Rilis untuk PC Agustus 2016

Ghostlight Interactive, selaku pihak publisher mengumumkan game Mugen Souls Z yang akan siap diluncurkan untuk PC via Steam pada tanggal 25 Agustus 2016 mendatang. Game versi PC ini sudah support penggunaan mouse dan keyboard, gamepad dan juga sudah memiliki Steam Achievements serta peningkatan kualitas grafik.

Berikut beberapa fitur selengkapnya:

  • Tactical 3D battles featuring turn-based combat, dozens of unique skills and game-changing crystals.
  • Explore expansive worlds, defeat dangerous enemies and expand your party using your unstoppable charm and superior skills!
  • Charm your enemies into doing your bidding! Transform monsters into ‘Shampurus’ to power up your spacefaring G-Castle!
  • Create your own ‘Peons’, boost their skills and fuse your creations to create the ultimate party.
  • The Mugen Field returns! Featuring stacks of challenges and near-infinite levelling possibilities!

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